Jenn Chase – 

Service industry for 24 years
Started working for the Binghams 12.1.2019
Specialist in Texas Wines
Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 2
Exploring new wineries, their history and stories have always fascinated me. I love going to talking to staff, wineries makers, and owners. Texas has such an amazing history and culture in the wine industry and I can’t wait to see and be apart of the growth!
We Know Texas Vino has giving me another outlet to learn about Texas wineries and meeting absolutely wonderful people. So excited for our future!
Randall Chase –
Incredibly handsome
Over a decade in the nonprofit and education sector.
Undergrad in Education and a Masters degree in Apologetics with a focus on philosophy, theology and science.
I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned.
I love random trivia, dad jokes and terrible B movies.
I have really enjoyed being a part of the We Know Texas Vino family and experiencing some of the best wines and laughter.