• Episode 60 – Stone Trough Winery

    Getting to sit down and talk to Kevin & Stephanie Maxwell, and learn about their love for Wine and Agriculture, was a really goo time to learn about different ways to farm and group produce. I hope you all enjoy this episode of We Know Texas Vino

    Stone Trough Winery

  • Episode 59 – Texas Wine Love Laurinda Thomas

    This woman is amazing, we get to sit down and chat with her about her start in the Texas Wine Lover Ambassador program and how she got there. We even talk about the Texas Wine industry. This woman is awesome and humble, and I think now that she is ready to do another episode!

  • Episode 57 – Los Pinos

    Los Pinos started as a dream from a someone from California wanting to start a winery. What once started as a horse ranch is now a very well established winery. Enjoy listening to this and learning more about these gentlemen  about how they grew this place into a destination location! 

  • Episode 56 – TWGGA day 2 pt2

    This is the last part of our weekend at TWGGA. In this one we got to sit down and have a good conversation with John Rivenburgh. His passion of the Texas Wine Industry is just huge and we love it! Enjoy this episode

  • Episode 55 – Twisted Pine

    What do you do when you have a passion for the land you have and you want to see it thrive and want to share it with others?  Well this is what Victor and his family has done, they are turning their love  for their land into a very beautiful winery and soon to be destination. Enjoy this episode with Twisted Pine!

    Twisted Pine

  • Episode 52 – Bingham Live!

    This episode after reviewing, we just could not share it with our listeners. This has such good information in it.

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  • Episode 51 – Girl Scout Cookie pairing

    This was a fun episode. We took Texas Wines and explained to our listeners on how to properly pair your favorite girl scout cookies with it. We want to give thanks to Lexie with Troop 18 and Charlotte from Troop 1032 for providing us with the cookies.