• Episode 41 – Two Brothers Winery

    Every winery we been to has an amazing story to tell about how they got started, as we love hearing how they decided to get into the Texas Wine industry. Brian and Eddie , and their spouses, Stephanie and Donna are no exception to that story. Thier story of pushing forward and overcoming obstacles is just amazing.

  • Episode 40 – Tempranillo Blind Tasting

    Do you ever wonder if your favorite wine maker could pick out their own wines in a blind tasting? Well here is your chance to find out. In this episode we have Chris and Cyn from Edge of the Lake, Andrew and Kristi from Lonesome Vine and James from OG Cellars. Take a listen and see how they fair. There is allot of background noise since we did this live, but you can still hear your wine maker chat!

  • Episode 39 – Tiffany Tobey

    So sitting here trying to figure out how to type this up about Tiffany, and the words just wasnt coming to mind, that just how amazing this woman is. Michel and I have Dubbed her the Queen Bee, which is fitting for her. She is very knowledgeable in everything Viticulture and Enology! 
    Have a listen and give us and her some feedback of what you think!

  • Episode 38 – Live Happy Lane

    We all know life comes in and kicks us down, and no matter how hard we try, life continues to kick us back down. Well not for Ernie and Michelle Mays, they kicked life down. They took their life experiences and their love of God, and took “sour” grapes and turned into an amazing winery and award winning wines. Listen to how they use this passion to do what they love and pass it onto their children!

    Live Happy Lane

  • Episode 37 – Moody Family Wines

    What do you get when you start with a wine kit, then progress into an amazing winery?
    Why you get Moody Family Wines, listen as Joe tells us the story about how a simple wine kit change his life and helped him start his own winery!

  • Episode 36 – Piaf!

    Hey everyone, we have a special episode for you all. We got to meet to amazing people who share their love for Texas wines! Fabien Goury and Yasmine Bohsali are the owners of Piaf in Historic downtown Grapevine. Listen as they talk about Texas wines and thier love for it.

    Also do not forget October 14, is the Valley View Wine Walk!

  • Episode 35 – Square Cloud Winery

    When does determination and being a Mad Scientist get you? Well it gets you Square cloud winery!! Jackson and Cheryl have an amazing story about getting into theirs vineyard growing and creating some amazing wine! You do not want to miss this, and should go and visit them!

  • Episode 34 – Michael Cook Pt2 Lets grow some Grapes!

    So in Ep 33 we talked to Michael Cook about how he got into Viticulture and the Texas A&M Extension.  Now this episode is going to be a little bit different, this one he is going to talk about growing the grapevines to make all this amazing Texas Wines! So if you ever wonder the work that is put in to get these amazing little round of goodness to make such great wines, this will be the episode you want to listen too.

  • Episode 33 – Michael Cook Pt1

    Since we started this podcast, everyone kept talking about this mystery man named Michael Cook. So I started out on an adventure to find this mystery person, and I found him! Sit back while we dive in with him and his vast knowledge of Grape growing. This first episode is about getting to know him and where he came from!