• Episode 50 – Cliff and Betty Bingham

    In our first year of doing this podcast, we have met many Winery owners and wine makers and they all have a story to tell. Allot of the stories we get told about are 2 people, who are very kind and compassionate in their family, their friends and in their farming.  Allot of the wineries we talked to in 2023, all of them say the same thing, Cliff and Betty and the rest of the Bingham family is amazing. So without further ado, we introduce to you, Episode 50 Cliff and Betty Bingham!

  • Episode 49 – Ron Martin – Texas Wine Lover Ambassador

    ****So the first 10-12minutes of this episode Andy audio wasnt working properly***
    The first time I met Ron at the Piney Woods Wine festival, I knew we needed to get him on our podcast. This man is very knowledgeable about his wines and he shows his love for Texas wines by finding all those amazing little wineries!

  • Episode 48- Kiepersol

    Pierre came to Texas from South Africa with a dream. Little did he know that his dream he had would be such an amazing way to connect people. Listen as we talk to Michelle the wine maker and Kelly the Founding Brand Manager, as they tell us about this amazing paradise in Texas known as Kiepersol!


    Drink a Little

  • Episode 47 – Enoch Stomp

    WOW episode 47!! In this first of many episodes from East Texas, we go to Enoch Stomp. This place is amazing, and the wine is even better. Altus tells us what it took to uproot his family from South Africa and come to Texas and start a Vineyard and Winery!

    Enoch Stomp

  • Episode 46 – Wineaux Guy

    Welcome back to Season 2 of We know Texas Vino. To start the New Year off, we have the Wineaux Guy here to talk about how he get into the wine industry and how he get into the Texas Wine Industry even more. This man brings allot of knowledge to the table and we will be seeing more of him on the show!

    Wineaux Guy WebSite


  • Episode 45 – End of 2023!!

    So we made it everyone! The end of our first year! We can not thank you all enough for helping us become successful! Look out for 2024, we got big things coming up !

  • Episode 44 – Rosini Vineyards

    We have hit allot of wineries in Texas this past year. Each one is just as amazing as the next, from the people we talk to and their stories, to their wines and family culture. Rosini Vineyards is no different from that.

    Rosini Vineyards

  • Episode 43 – Tara Winery

    When you work in the city and sometimes the Hussle and bustle of the city life gets to you, so what do you do! Why you go find you some land in East Texas and Make a winery and a vineyard. Tara winery is a beautiful little winery out in East Texas. This is a must see especially during growing season!

    Tara Winery